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charter yacht ownership Sailboats Inc. Charters has dedicated 35 years to marketing sailing through the creation of partnerships with fellow sailing enthusiasts. It has been our mission to provide family oriented sailing instruction and charter opportunities for sailors.

We need to expand our fleet to meet the ever growing demand.

Sailboats Inc. Charters Yacht Ownership program is totally "owner-friendly." Personal time on your yacht is unlimited and you have the freedom to choose your days, not a fixed two week period during the off season. You can reserve your personal days in advance and also utilize the time between scheduled charters for your own fun. The revenue you receive can cover up to 100% of your cost of ownership!

The pride of ownership of a beautifully, maintained yacht, without the cost.

Sailboats Inc. Charters began operation in 1976 in Bayfield. Since that time we have added five new locations to our fleet. Our charter program, in a nutshell, runs as follows:

Sailboats Inc. Charters:

Also, you are free to choose the days which you wish to use your yacht. We ask that you send us in writing at the beginning of the season, days that you wish to "block out". You may also call our reservation desk to find out which bookings you have at anytime. Of course if the boat is not booked for a day that looks like a good sailing day, she's yours! Our program offers the freedom of using your boat anytime you wish, while still gaining considerable charter revenue when you are unable to use the boat.

You, as the owner, cover all the associated costs that you would normally encounter for your boat e.g. dockage, storage, insurance, maintenance, fuel costs, etc. Most owners use their revenues to cover all those costs.

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Truly, The Best of Both Worlds

Contact us for more informaton about Charter Yacht Ownership

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